Establishing a SOLID Foundation – An Intro to Software Design

  • Top 10 session at Kansas City Developer Conference
  • Enjoyed it, thought it was very helpful for me
  • This is great and informative. It helps me learn more and how to convert our legacy code
  • Practical examples with content was great!
  • Excellent presentation. Clear and concise explanations.
  • The examples presented were very simple and made the presentation easily understandable. I appreciate Cameron sharing the learning resources for deep dive.
  • It was well organized, well-paced, and clear. Cameron did a great job engaging the audience. The examples were helpful and simple while still nicely representing scenarios you might find in the real world.
  • Good content, and reasonable examples for the various principles.
  • You explained a number of things that were always confusing for me, esp. dependency injection and substitution principle
  • Understanding patterns and design is hard; this takes experience and time, and your talk is helping me along this journey of understanding.

How To Have Code Reviews Developers Actually Want

  • You are a dynamic speaker. Very enjoyable to listen to
  • You were engaging, entertaining, and educating. Great job
  • I was able to take away not only information about how to perform code reviews, but I was also able to identify some ways that I was not being the best and most constructive mentor to younger developers on my team and in my company
  • Helpful technical and professional information
  • This talk and the code review session were the best sessions I’ve attended so far this year!
  • Very entertaining; good information. I feel like I learned something
  • Handled questions well, very engaging most of the time, and good jokes
  • Nicely done! Concise, Specific, Doable, Actionable. I wish you could do this at my company
  • Top Voted talk at Kansas City Developer Conference 2019

How Functional Programming Made Me a Better Developer

  • Good Presentation 🙂
  • The code examples were very helpfully sized – not too big to comprehend, but not too small to be uninteresting.
  • Loved his style, you could tell he was comfortable and the information presented was highly informative.
  • It was really cool and great to me from OO background.
  • Great show of how functional programming can be helpful to making developers better at writing code. I learned that I should make classes smaller, more fail safe, always return an object of some sort, and how to use functional programming to drive my skill.
  • By far the best today. never seen F# code but everything was understandable. Like the way you didn’t read off the slides. It felt like a real presentation conversation.
  • Great presentation. easy to follow even for someone w/ no functional background

Learning Functional Programming Through Construction: First Principles

  • I have always been a geek, ops side pro. Wanted to be a programmer for 35+ years. Really seriously trying to make business apps now. F# is my choice, but C# is so abundant. By far, this presentation is THE BEST intro to functional programming I have seen (and that is probably 1000’s of hours of videos). Using C# was awesome. The way you built the app up was awesome. I am going to poor (sic) over the repo. Thank you.
  • it was great, to the point, and informative
  • Very good speaker and presentation, love these concepts!
  • I appreciated the example and walkthrough as a tool to illustrate functional programming. I liked the analogy to mathematical functions and the way in which your presentation stepped through the code examples. Your talking points we’re very well coordinated with the presentation.
  • Made me more interested in C# and even curious about Haskell
  • You are an energetic fun speaker and I really enjoyed the knowledge you shared!
  • You have a great speaking voice. Your presentation was succinct and VERY coherent. It had great flow, and I suspect it would have been very easy to follow for a far less experienced dev!
  • Breaks down a complex topic into easily understandable ones. Sounds very functional 🙂

Level Up on Functional Programming by Rebuilding LINQ

  • Very very nice, both for the content as well as how to present new technical material in an interesting, useful, memorable way. It is more than just “clearly and step-by-step,” the organization/structure and the “modulation” are important. (It also helps to know what you are talking about!) Very well done! Thank you!
  • A fun talk indeed. Glad I joined in.
  • Great building of ideas from beginning to end. Although I was already pretty familiar with LINQ (so I may not be the best person to provide feedback), I found it to be a great way to conceptualize everything.
  • Cameron was extremely engaging and the talk was excellent
  • As a beginner, I was wondering if it would be too advanced for me to follow, but you were able to make it very accessible. Thank you!
  • Talk at the right speed and easy to follow
  • I’m just a newbie, and I have been struggling with wrapping my mind around funcs and generics for a few weeks now and that was the clearest descriptions I’ve heard. Thanks!

Taking a Gamble With Functional Domain Modeling

  • That was great! The real world example of blackjack really helped my comprehension. On virtual presentations, live coding really helps me pay attention. Would have loved to have been able to watch the actual implementation of the app!
  • Great info, fantastic use of examples bringing in blackjack vs some complex use case from some deep company process. Everyone understands blackjack! You are funny also, that makes great presentations!
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