Establishing a SOLID Foundation – An Intro to Software Design

How To Have Code Reviews Developers Actually Want

  • You are a dynamic speaker. Very enjoyable to listen to
  • You were engaging, entertaining, and educating. Great job
  • I was able to take away not only information about how to perform code reviews, but I was also able to identify some ways that I was not being the best and most constructive mentor to younger developers on my team and in my company
  • Helpful technical and professional information
  • This talk and the code review session were the best sessions I’ve attended so far this year!
  • Very entertaining; good information. I feel like I learned something
  • Handled questions well, very engaging most of the time, and good jokes
  • Nicely done! Concise, Specific, Doable, Actionable. I wish you could do this at my company
  • Top Voted talk at Kansas City Developer Conference 2019

How Functional Programming Made Me a Better Developer

  • Good Presentation 🙂
  • The code examples were very helpfully sized – not too big to comprehend, but not too small to be uninteresting.
  • Loved his style, you could tell he was comfortable and the information presented was highly informative.
  • It was really cool and great to me from OO background.
  • Great show of how functional programming can be helpful to making developers better at writing code. I learned that I should make classes smaller, more fail safe, always return an object of some sort, and how to use functional programming to drive my skill.
  • By far the best today. never seen F# code but everything was understandable. Like the way you didn’t read off the slides. It felt like a real presentation conversation.
  • Great presentation. easy to follow even for someone w/ no functional background