J. Allen

While working on a refactor of my codebase that puts an emphasis on domain-driven design, I found myself at a point where I really needed to talk about a certain design issue. The very first person that came to mind was Cameron.
After knowing him for a short time at SentryOne, Cameron has stood apart as one of the most passionate, capable software developers I have come in contact with – not only for his technical competency with object-oriented design practices and principles, but for his unique ability to mentor developers at all levels. He has a way of interpreting the business issues, breaking down solutions that evolve into clearly organized steps, providing alternative options if needed, and rolling up his proverbial sleeves and demonstrating those solutions in an easy-to-understand way.
These are traits that cannot be taught and come so naturally to him. He embodies the word “mentor” and I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Cameron and hope to continue in the future.