CodeStock 2017 In Review


As I start my second year as a conference speaker, I was lucky enough to be selected as speaker for CodeStock’s 10 year anniversary. It’s been a pretty crazy ride to see how much the conference has grown from when I first attended in 2013 to now.

CodeStock was the first technical conference I ever attended, so to be able to go from an attendee to a speaker in time for the 10th year was  humbling to say the very least.

For this conference, I decided to try something new. Over the past year, I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to get feedback about your presentation from your attendees once the session ends. However, when I spoke at Indy.Code(), the gang at Amegala implemented a pretty effective system for gathering feedback. So I decided to carry out a similar setup and it only costed me about $10.

Ready? Here’s all you need.

  • Red index cards
  • Orange index cards
  • Green index cards
  • Paper bag

The idea is that as attendees are leaving the session, they write down their comments on the appropriate card and toss it in the bag. If they thought I did a great job, a green card goes in. If they thought I did an “ok” job, they could write their comments on the orange card, or if I did a really bad job, they could leave me a red card.

Audience Review

How To Have Code Reviews Your Developers Actually Want


Overall, the reviews were pretty positive with 25 “great”, 5 “ok”, and 0 “awful” with an 85% overall participation rate. From the comments, here were the major trends.

  • Excellent job on how the information was presented
  • Lot of good content, but spoke a bit too quickly at times
  • Didn’t spend any time on tooling, and there were some questions about what tools to use for the review

For this session, it seems that I need to work on pacing the content and maybe add a section for tooling.


How Functional Programming Made Me A Better Developer


Once again, the reviews were pretty positive with 12 “great”, 1 “ok”, 0 “awful” with an 70% overall participation rate. From the comments, here were the major trends

  • Content was good and delivery was smooth
  • You were clear and understandable to someone with only a fumbling understanding of C#



Audience Superlatives

  • This talk and the code review session were the best sessions I’ve attended so far this year!
  • Very entertaining; good information. I feel like I learned something
  • Handled questions well, very engaging most of the time, and good jokes
  • Nicely done! Concise, Specific, Doable, Actionable. I wish you could do this at my company


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